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Theoretical Soil Mechanics - Teorik Zemin Mekaniği
ISBN: 978-605-4220-62-5, İngilizce, 1. basım, 2013, 452 sayfa, (16x24 cm2), 1. hamur kitap kağıdı.
  • Yazar:M. Arslan TEKİNSOY (Prof. Dr.)
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  • Yayınevi :DaisyScience Int. Pub.
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I recommend all of the readers to read this book patiently and persistently. Although the comprehension of the phenomena seems to be difficult, it would be clearer after a second reading.
Readers shall perceive that this book is a production of a long study and the experiences besides of being interesting. Results of the theories and the approaches in this book have been compared with the experimental measurements, as well. Consequently, reliabilities of the theories have been controlled by this way.

Also, in this book, theories about an oedometer test of a saturated and an unsaturated soil have been considered. At least two chapters of the book are related to the theory of non-linear consolidation. Approaches given in the contents have been supported by both numerical examples and experimental results.

Axial symmetry of an oedometer ring and the validity of semi-infinite soil assumption have been tested by the given theories. Consequently, the book has been procured which includes the behavior of soils in K0 conditions and it is supported with both theoretical and experimental results.
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